Executive Programmes

About City U Executive Programmes

City U Executive Programmes offers continuous learning opportunities to individuals and businesses. We offer wide ranges of programmes from short courses to long-term modulars, from stand-alone to custom-built, from onsite to online. All depending on your needs.

Courses are designed to help you reach personal and professional goals. Learn from world class professors and get exposed to extensive corporate ecosystems. We apply knowledge into actions & experiences.

Our modules are developed to cater for the continuous learning opportunities for professionals, semi-professionals, corporates, SMEs & MSMEs, skilled workers, start-ups, fresh graduates and workforce returnees.

Programmes offered

Program Name Level Mode Duration
Sustainability, Business & Resource Management Entry, mid-level, senior-level In-person/ online/ hybrid 2 days
The What, Why & How of Sustainability: Basics Understanding of ESG Metrices and UN-SDG Entry & mid-level In-person 1 day
PiQ: the Personal Initiative Intelligence Entry, mid-level, senior-level In-person/ online/ hybrid 2 days

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