APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) is a systematic process which involves the IDENTIFICATION, DOCUMENTATION, and ASSESSMENT of prior experience related to a study programme.



APEL established to provide an alternative entry to those who have less formal education sufficient to pursue higher. APEL encourage individuals to improve their knowledge continually leading to the award of a formal qualification certificate. This in turn will provide a better chance in the career development of the individual.

APEL provides an opportunity for individual with working experience but lack of formal academic qualifications to pursue their studies in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). In general, knowledge obtained through formal education and working experience will be both assessed in APEL’s assessment.


What is APEL C?

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Credit Award is a learning evaluation process (informal and non-formal) of an individual based on cumulative experiences (knowledge and skills) to obtain credit transfer for course(s) in the programme enrolled.



  • Recognise learning acquired through work experience and short courses attended;
  • Reduce redundant learning for students;
  • Encourage admission of adult learners to higher education programmes; and
  • Reduce cost and time to complete study.


APEL C is available to ALL undergraduate & postgraduate learners with prior learning experience who are currently undertaking programmes in any Higher Education Institute (HEI) offering such opportunities.

For APEL (C) Details Click : http://www2.mqa.gov.my/APEL/APEL_A/APELBrosur.cfm


What is APEL (A)?

 APEL (A) or Access provides access or opportunities to individuals who already have work experience but are not sufficiently qualified to have the minimum academic qualification set to pursue higher education at tertiary institutions. 


Why APEL (A)?

  • Provide recognition for learning acquired from non-formal and informal sources
  • Reduce the duplication of learning
  • Encourage the participation of adults in higher education by recognizing their prior experiential learning
  • Reduce time and cost for completing a study programme
  • Increase access and widen participation for non-conventional learners
  • Increase mobility and employability


APEL (A) Certification Process

  1. Self-Assessment: Qualified the entry requirement
  2. Submission Application:  Submit application form with bank draft to MQA. Register here: http://www2.mqa.gov.my/APEL/APEL_A/CheckDaftar.cfm
  3. Aptitude Test: Passed aptitude test
  4. Portfolio Presentation: Passed portfolio presentation/interview
  5. APEL Certificate: Received APEL certificate from MQA
  6. Admission Application: Attach a copy of certificate during submission of documents for admission application
  7. Offer Letter: Offer letter will be issue once get the approval from the faculty and IPS

For APEL (A) Details Click : http://www2.mqa.gov.my/APEL/APEL_A/APELBrosur_A.cfm



Accreditation of Prior Experience -Based Learning for the Purpose of Qualification Award [APEL.Q] is the process of assessing the learning (formal / informal / non -formal) of an individual based on accumulated experience (knowledge and skills) to obtain academic qualifications for the program applied for. Emphasis should be given to the main concept of APEL.Q which is the assessment of the individual's ability to use the learning achieved through his experience in achieving the learning outcomes or knowledge of a program.



  • Facilitates access to higher education for ‘non-traditional’ students
  • Acknowledges and validates prior learning
  • Accelerates the time to earn a qualification
  • Learning as a lifelong process

For APEL (Q) Details Click : https://www2.mqa.gov.my/APEL/APEL_Q/brosur.cfm

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