Doctor of Business Administration

(R2/345/8/0924) (A11516) 11/2027

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program equips graduates with analytical and problem solving skills for undertaking independent research at the doctoral level. The aim is to find solutions to business problems at the national and international levels. Graduates are encouraged to disseminate their research findings through publications and journal articles.

Duration of Study

Full-time: 3-5 years Part-time: 4½-7 years

Credit Hours


Career Prospect

  • Marketing, Accounting & Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Information Technology
  • Knowledge Management
  • Human Resource Management or any aspect of business

Subjects Offered

  • Innovations In Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced International Business

  • Advanced Marketing Management

  • Seminar in New Business Ventures 3

  • Advanced Business Strategy and Policy

  • Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility

  • Seminar in Creativity and Innovation Management

  • Advanced Studies in Financial Institution & Capital Market

  • Advanced Business Research Method 1

  • Advanced Business Research Method 2


Dissertation 1

  • DBA Dissertation Seminar

  • Preliminary literature Review


Dissertation 2

  • Topic Selection

  • Literature Review


Dissertation 3

  • Data Collection


Dissertation 4

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation


Dissertation 5

  • Dissertation Preparation


Dissertation 6

  • Dissertation Defense




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