Doctor of Philosophy in Performing Arts

(N/212/8/0022) (MQA/PA 15592) 05/2029

The doctoral degree in philosophy creates graduates who are big-picture thinkers, educators, and mid- to senior-level working professionals in the performing arts industry who desire to lead and implement changes within their working organisation. The performing arts sectors are especially interested in hiring doctor of philosophy graduates since they will be beyond experts in their professions. Students who participate in this programme not only do research in their areas of interest, but also make use of that research to advance the interests of the stakeholders or the organisations in which they are employed.

Duration of Study

Full-time: 3-5 years | Part-time: 4-6 years

Credit Hours

By research

Career Prospect

•    Policy Maker
•    Production, Event Consultant & Advisory
•    Industry-Performance Analysis
•    R & D (Researcher/Research Officer)
•    Education (Lecturer/Teacher/Curriculum)

Subjects Offered

•    Research Methodology
•    Dissertation

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