Master of Creative Industries and Communication

(N/0323/7/0001) (MQA/PA 15447) 04/2027

Master of Creative Industries and Communication provides a framework for
integrating various skills of creative, communication, entrepreneurial, production, and research required for working professionally in the creative industries and communication. This is a mix-mode program combining taught course and research to produce holistic graduates as professional practitioners in the progressive and challenging industries. Those practitioners already working in this area will be able to
broaden their practice and strengthen their understanding of opportunities as well contribute to the development of new creative practices. Meanwhile to those who are new in this field will be familiarised to a range of creative industries practices and communication.

Duration of Study

Full Time: 1-2 Years | Part Time: 2-3 years

Credit Hours


Career Prospect

•    Researchers
•    Producers
•    Designers
•    Entrepreneurs
•    Consultants
•    Managers
•    Academic leaders in education institution

Subjects Offered

•    Research Methods for Creative Industries and Communication
•    Contemporary Issues in Creative Industries and
•    Communication Practices
•    Media and Digital Culture
•    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
•    Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and
•    Marketing Communications
•    Dissertation

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