EPF/KWSP Withdrawal for Education

Quality education is the key to a stable career that will result in a comfortable life for you and your family.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Malaysians & Non-Malaysian
  • Below 55 Years of age
  • Savings available in Account 2
  • Currently pursuing or has completed – Certificate Level 3, Diploma or higher
  • Studying at Institutions locally or abroad
  • Member or their immediate relations who failed to graduate from approved Institution


  • Withdrawal to finance your tuition fees
  • Withdrawal to finance your children/spouse/parents’ tuition fees
  • Joint withdrawal with your spouse to finance your children’s tuition fees
  • Joint withdrawal with your spouse to finance your spouse’s tuition fees

When can Withdrawals be made

  • Every semester or academic year
  • Within three (3) years from the course end/quit/failed date for outstanding payments to be settled with the higher learning institution 

Documents Required

  • Form KWSP 9H (AHL) and Checklist
  • Copy of identification documents with original for verification (Non-MyKad holders only)
  • Form KWSP 3 (Pindaan) – for mail submissions/failed thumbprint verification
  • Student's enrolment confirmation letter
  • Course recognition or accreditation letter

How to Apply

Before applying for withdrawal under this scheme, EPF members are required to check the balance in Account II and obtain a letter from EPF that specifies the amount that can be withdrawn. Members can apply by completing the KWSP 9H (AHL) form and submit together with supporting documents.