13th Annual Architecture Student Work Exhibition 2019 (PAASWE)

16 Oct 2019


We would like to congratulate our “Amfoabean” architecture students from Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment (FOABE) for winning an outstanding Silver Awards during the 13th Annual Architecture Student Work Exhibition 2019 (PAASWE) located at One Utama that was organized by  Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM).




The yearly event with the theme concept of “METAMORFOSI” which translate from the Italian word originates from an English word “metamorphosis”. The concept of metamorphosis in architecture is the change of a form into a different character, appearance, or condition. METAMORFOSI explore the many possibilities of transformation within a space in context of lighting, spacing, body, sound, and air flow. The aim of “METAMORFOSI” is to have each institute to come up with a 2-column design that showcases the creativity to manipulate the space given using only 2 columns. The aim of the exhibition is to show how our City University students interpret "Metamorphosis" through the medium of 2 columns which also serves the purpose of exhibiting our students artworks.






The event was held on the 2nd to 6th  October 2019 at the Ground Floor Centre Court in One Utama. There were 19 Higher Learning Institutions that participated in the yearly event. City University students manage to secure 4th place Silver Awards by portraying the concept of “BONGKAH” a symbolism where process, development and transition are connected to each other in bringing solution to the end user. Quoting our favourite Catalan architect “The creation continues incessantly through the media of man” -Antoni Gaudi, may our Amfoabean students gain more success in the future.