'Jeremy Chong' A Speaker On The Rise

16 Jan 2020




Salutes! to our own SRC member Jeremy Chong. For winning 1st Runner Up in the ‘Mahrajan Amal Islami Mualaf Peringkat Wilayah Persukutuan 2019’ representing Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan (JAWI Labuan) with his topic “Hijrah: Pengorbanan Seorang Muslim” in the Public Speaking Category on 18-19 June 2019 held at Kompleks Darul Hidayah, Kuala Lumpur as the youngest participant there. With only one month of preparation, the 20 year old self-train himself to search for information on his topic and put it out into words to make sure it sounds nice for the competition while juggling with his classes and assignments.


With his passion in speaking and debate since his secondary school days, this is Jeremy’s second time competing in the yearly ‘Mahrajan Amal Islami Mualaf Peringkat Wilayah Persukutuan’ which the first was in 2017 that he also won the 1st Runner Up as well. Since 2019 is going to be his last time competition since he converted when he was 14 years old back 2014, he gave it his all and with honors got place in 1st Runner up. 


“The period that they count is the period of conversion, so if you are among six years since converting then you can participate. Doesn’t matter what age you are to participate in the competition as long you are among those years” said the 20 year old. 



The ‘Mahrajan Amal Islami Mualaf Peringkat Wilayah Persukutuan’ is a program that assesses knowledge, understanding and skills of a mualaf through competition categories as well as cultivate culture and interest towards seeking knowledge. There are three categories in this competition that is split into two for both men and women: 


  1.  Tilawah Al-Quran (Men Category)

  2. Tilawah Al-Quran (Women Category)

  3. Hafazan (Men Category)

  4. Hafazan (Women Category)

  5. Public Speaking (Men Category)

  6. Public Speaking (Women Category)