16 Jul 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


Vevitera Kalaivanan has proof to us all that CITYU alumni can also make it happen. 27 year old Vevi is now working as a 3D Designer at Easy Home and has been in the industry professionally.

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Working at Easy Home is an eye-opener for Vevi where sometimes she is required to travel abroad for project presentation but she takes it as a new challenge and a learning opportunity from her jovial colleagues. Comfortable with an eclectic concept, she incorporates her design style with modern materials and emerged with plush furnishings, with a touch of stylish and sleek design.

Source: Vevi



Did her Foundation in Built Environment at UCSI University, she chose to pursue her Bachelor of Interior Design in CITYU because the program is accredited by professionals- MIID; and the faculty academicians are industry experienced with strong links to the industry besides getting offered a full scholarship for her study period of 3 years.

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Source: Vevi

Experiences in CITYU were very memorable as she gets the chance to go through every sweet and bitter moment with her friends and lecturer, particularly Sir Muzamil who was very kind and supportive of his student’s works, and for that, she felt very grateful.

For Vevi, interior design is an unrelenting learning process and keeps designers update with new trends and designs in the industry. She feels that through interior design people can still be young no matter how old they are.

“Lecturers are encouraging and nurturing in the aspects of sharing their mastery. I would undoubtedly recommend the new designers to join City University interior department because you will be eligible to get the full commitment throughout your study life.”

Source: Vevi

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