28 Apr 2021

By Aufa Mardhiah


Being a volunteer for the Mercy Malaysia Volunteer Relief Organization is definitely an act to be praised and honoured. Nur Shahidah Muhammad Hapis, 31 from Bachelor of Corporate Communication (Hons) proves that she is one kind soul by volunteering for the relief in March 2020. During this time of the pandemic, her task requires her to be extra protected considering that she is now one of the Malaysian front-liners qualified to be one of the earliest to get the vaccine.

Lead by a great example, she started to follow his father’s footsteps in volunteerism, Shahidah made it clear that she genuinely wants to help people and realised the importance of being a vaccinated citizen for the good and well-being of all.


Even though the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine is increasing, there are still people who are still afraid to get the vaccine. Share with us your feelings before receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.  


It is a fact that vaccine is the only exit door to bring back the whole world into its previous state. This is worsened by the spreading rumours circulated among my peers and mutual on social media especially when I received the news that I am next in line to receive it.


After consideration, I come to realise that vaccine is tremendously crucial during this time of pandemic and my role as an abiding citizen is important to stop the ongoing chain of Covid-19. Additionally, I was also helped by my own father who is among the earliest people to receive the vaccine. Looking at his condition after receiving the vaccine, helped me building up trust in the shot. Set by his example, I held strong to my belief and be a good example of my own self in receiving the vaccine.

Credit Image: Nur Shahidah


How did you manage to be the volunteer & why do you choose to be one with the unknown and unpredicted risk in mind?


Undeniably my father is my idol. He set several records on many volunteerism activities since 2004 and it impacted us, the family immensely. Among his involvements are in the Palestine convoy, Yamen humanitarian help, the Acheh tsunami disaster, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, and many more. His countless achievements in volunteerism are second to none. His action in putting his own life in an uncertain situations without expecting any returns has set a mark on our lives.


Credit Image: Nur Shahidah


His work in this line has created a sense in me where I need to prove that I can do it as great as my father and indirectly I have been following his footsteps in volunteerism. I believed that being a human, it is one of our roles role to help other human beings and to do so, and volunteerism is certainly the correct path. In this unparalleled path of giving back, I’m also able to find a chance, to find the purpose in my life and it is to live my life for others.


How do you feel after getting the vaccine? Is there any side effect you felt?


Surprisingly I feel absolutely fine after it. I received no massive side effects at all. The only reaction I received is a slight numbness at the injection area and an acute headache. Both are completely temporary.



Share with us the volunteerism mission you have joined and how it benefits you.


I first started my interest in volunteerism in March 2020 when I assist the Covid-19 response team. I was stationed at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Johor Bahru where my main task was to do screening for the suspected patients of Covid-19. Keeping my pace on it, I was then offered to help in Johor Flood Response 2021. For this second mission, I mainly gave support to the mobile clinics located in Kluang and Kota Tinggi. During the mission, I also had the opportunity to assist in distributing hygiene kits to the flood victims. Moving on to my recent and current mission, I involve in Covid-19 activities at One-Stop Covid-19 Assessment Centre (OSCAS) at Bukit Indah. There, I partake in the response team. Getting myself involved in volunteering has brought a new light into my life. Not only I met new circles of people and be their friends, but I also gain back my confidence.


Credit Image: Nur Shahidah


Volunteering has given me the chance to set goals, have something to look forward to and the most important part is it has given me back the sense of achievement. The feeling of giving back and contributing is unparalleled. From that moment I found the purpose of living not just for me but for others too.


What is your expectation & hope of being a vaccinated citizen?


Seeing the ups and downs of Covid-19 has been fully embedded in our community, it is heart-breaking to witness its victims. Globally, people are losing their loved ones due to pandemics; It is a boundless virus indeed. I really hope that Malaysian will stop worrying about the vaccine and stop listening and reading those unreliable rumours around our community. The only way for us as normal citizens to know about Covid-19 is through official channels. The vaccine is created for us all and for the good of our country.


Credit Image: Nur Shahidah


Getting the vaccine is just another way of manifesting our role in being the citizen of this country and we have to work together to stop the pandemic. I wish this worsening global pandemic could meet an end soon and we all could resume our lives normally without the fear of contracting one. 


Considering that there are still many Malaysians who have not registered for the vaccine, what is your message to the public?


During this challenging time, we need to work in hand together. Trusting our fellow Malaysians. To do so, we need to play our role and register for the vaccine. We need not afraid of it as our country has solid and professional medical expertise. For those who have registered, congratulations, and please be patient in waiting for your turn. Meanwhile, we should never forget to carefully observe each Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that had been laid out. For our own safety, always wear masks in public, only go out when it is necessary and be mindful of crowded places. We are all in this together and to face this, we need to give undivided support to each other.