28 Jan 2020


Whoever thought that with just four months of hard training, you could win a gold medal? That's what happened to Cameron Joshua Unto, 20 years old from Sabah. That was his first time participating and won gold for the Kickboxing Amateur Championship that was held by AMA on 18th January 2020.

The championship was held at Citta Mall, Ara Damansara with 80 participants in total entrusting all 40 matches on the same day with few categories contested including under 60kg, under 70kg, under 80kg and above 80kg.


Got inspired by Rocky Balboa and Buakaw, he developed an interest in martial arts since he was still young and at the age of 19, he chose to go with Muay Thai after trying out few classes. What’s unique about Muay Thai that attracts him to the sport is the different rule sets applied and the coaches that came all the way from Thailand. Loves to challenge himself and prefer to overcome his fear the moment he steps into the ring, he feels thrilled to fight with less protecting gear.

Being the youngest, the most inexperienced and the lightest in his training gym 'The Dragon Muay Thai', made him went through some unforgettable experience. When asked what was it, with lips broad smiling, he said training directly under the head coach from Thailand. His coach was very supportive yet strict with a very new and intense training routine.

But of course, every sport has its requirements, especially in the physical aspect. For Muay Thai, adults with a minimum of 55kg are qualified to join the training while children at any age are also allowed, but these requirements depend on the organization itself.

Being an active student of Mechanical Engineering at CITYU is not a problem for him to balance between studying and training as the class timetable does not interrupt his training schedule at night. This situation also made him feel thankful because indirectly, he can focus both on his studying while achieving his passion for Muay Thai without any obstacle.


He hopes for the development of sports in CITYU, especially in the martial arts area to be more productive. He would also encourage students with martial arts involvement to try and start their club to share the knowledge and values of martial arts. He would also be delighted if any students with martial arts experience to come down and share the experience with him.


Last but not least, he encourages anyone interested to join any martial arts or sport to not worry about what's going to happen and focus on taking the first step in the activity. Also, people don't necessarily have to have an aim of wanting to be the top and the best, enjoy the class and lesson because that's how people will grow because people who enjoy sports are the one who thrives.

Cameron also stresses out for people to not dwell in fear because there will always be fear. The one who takes control of his fear and takes the first step to overcome fear will be the one winning at the end of the day.




By Aufa Mardhiah Amir Hamzah

23rd January 2020