30 Apr 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


The spread of pandemic COVID-19 throughout the world is a very serious universal affair that worries everyone but that doesn’t mean that everything will be put on-hold till the rest of the year. In order to help constrained the infection of this pandemic, City University took the initiative of conducting online classes throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) for the good of both lecturers and students so that the teaching and learning activity is not interrupted and at the same time ensuring both safety.

Curious as how will this be possible? Well we’ve managed to get some opinions from lecturers of different faculty and see what they say.

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Benefits of Online Classes?

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Mr. Mohd Afiq Abd. Hamid, from Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies (Communication) said that “online class is a cost-effective medium for teaching and learning activity because there is no cost needed for students and lecturers to travel from home to campus like the usual on campus class.” He also added that “online learning can educate students to build self-motivation and self-discipline by being online on-time in order to attend the live learning session; considering that students prefer to be a night owl during breaks.”

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Other than that, “online class is one of the convenience and flexible method for both lecturers and students” said Madam Athirah Hazwah Abdullah Hani, Dean of Architecture Department. She also sees it as a career advancement opportunity as the skills used throughout online class can be utilized for future use. “Convenience and flexibility means environmentally happy at any place and any time.”