13 Jul 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Jaafar Mohd who did his part-time Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with CITYU and who is now the Head of Logistics & Technology at IPD Subang Jaya.

Just as how a full-time student struggles to manage time between study and daily life, so does ASP Jaafar who rather takes this journey as a challenge. Theoretical knowledge he learned from classes in CITYU is quite valuable and now he will put his practice into hands-on as his day to day job focusing on managing the organization's assets and procurement.


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Source: Miss Zafirah of FOB

All the knowledge he learned and obtained from class helped him establish clear management objectives, define high-level processes as a foundation, and last but not least, determine and prioritize the best solutions needed by his organization in line with technology advancement. In other words, the knowledge he got help him do things more systematically.

Source: Miss Zafirah of FOB



“Managing and leading the task force in the most challenging time faced by our country, which is the COVID-19. With limited manpower and resources, we can maintain the community safety and sustainability resulting in Subang Jaya become among the lowest COVID-19 cases during MCO.”

Source: Miss Zafirah of FOB



“I've been working for my whole life, accumulating much experience and practical knowledge. As such, I would like to make my experience and knowledge more organized through theoretical knowledge.” ASP Jaafar also expresses his gratitude towards his faculty lecturers who were overwhelmingly committed and dedicated to conveying knowledge.

Source: Miss Zafirah of FOB

 “To be honest, where I stand now, is thanks to my lecturers at CITYU. Their commitment and passion, really influenced me, make me more persistent and passionate in my study. Where can you find lecturer that willingly meet and consult student at night, outside their working hour? CITYU has it.”


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Source: Miss Zafirah of FOB

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