Enchanting Penang: Unveiling the Pearl of the Orient

The academic trip, entitled “Enchanting Penang: Unveiling the Pearl of the Orient,” which took place from July 12–14, 2023, was a great success and a credit to the hard work and creativity of the Bachelor of Hotel Management students who specialised in tourism and travelling. This painstakingly planned trip gave students the chance to explore outside of their comfort zones and soak up Penang’s rich cultural heritage, resulting in a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience.

As part of their coursework, the students took charge of planning and executing the entire trip, demonstrating their research skills and creativity. Their proposals for activities, attractions, accommodation, meals, and hospitality services were carefully crafted, resulting in an exceptional itinerary that showcased the best of Penang’s tourism sectors.

Over the course of the three-day expedition, the participants explored some of Penang’s most iconic landmarks, delving into its history and culture. The awe-inspiring Penang Hill provided breathtaking panoramic views, while the historical Padang Kota Lama offered insights into the region’s colonial past. At the majestic Kek Lok Si Temple, students marvelled at the intricate architecture and spiritual significance.

The experience extended beyond historical and architectural wonders. The vibrant Batu Ferringhi Night Market allowed the students to immerse themselves in the local culture and discover unique handicrafts. Meanwhile, Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm connected them with the wonders of nature, deepening their appreciation for environmental conservation.

Penang’s reputation as a food haven did not disappoint, as the students embarked on a culinary journey through the bustling streets of George Town. They savoured the fusion of flavours that make Penang’s cuisine distinctive and world-renowned.

The trip’s culmination in a memorable BBQ night fostered camaraderie and bonding among participants and lecturers alike. Friendships were forged, and memories were created, adding an extra layer of significance to the entire learning experience.

“Enchanting Penang: Unveiling the Pearl of the Orient” provided a unique and exceptional learning opportunity for the Bachelor of Hotel & Management students. By venturing beyond the confines of the classroom, the trip instilled personal growth, cultural understanding, and a deep appreciation for the diverse aspects of the tourism industry. The success of this journey reflects the students’ dedication, creativity, and passion for the field, paving the way for more transformative academic adventures in the future.

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