19 Feb 2020



Name: Ezza Nor Syazana Bt Burhanorddin

Age: 25

Hometown: Johor

Secondary school: SMK Convent Muar

Hobby: Photography, travel, food hunting

Interest: Fashion, Business, Social Media

Course: Bachelor in Multimedia (HONS), Semester 8



With a background in business and zero knowledge in multimedia, Ezza took a leap of faith and march her way into a new world of Multimedia design. She faced many challenges throughout her journey but with her head in the clouds of imagination that is the source of the will power she use to get through her journey.


“I love looking at designs inspiration on social media as my muse” said Ezza


She is not only a City University student but she is also a social media influencer who reviews and advertises products and brands. Aside from being a social media influencer, she is also a go-getter entrepreneur where she has her own business of handmade lip scrub called ‘MunggilbyEzza’ in a wide range of flavors.





She applied all the designing skills and knowledge she gained from City University, until she independently designed her own company’s logo, advertisement and even packaging.  



“When I started ‘MunggilbyEzza’, I already had a vision of how I want it to look like and with my skills I don’t need to depend on someone else to make it happen for me” proudly said Ezza.


Before the highs there are definitely the lows, in Ezza experience during her foundation she  in multimedia design, but by studying with the guidance from her lecturers guided her to rise to the occasion and she became who she is today.



“To the students and future students who are beginning their first step into the era of University. If you have a dream, then work hard until you achieve it. Not everything is easy, so you must plan out your steps and list down your targets. When the time comes for you to look back at all your hard work, only then you know that you have fulfilled your dreams.”







By Puteri Nuraqidah Razak

18th January 2020