20 Jul 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


Muhammad Faris Aiman Zainal Abidin was one of FOABE’s most diligent students and proved himself well when he received the Academic Excellence Award’s 2018 and obtained his Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Architectural Design. Graduated with honors, Faris who dreamed of becoming a bespoke architect, is now slowly constructing his way to the architecture realm.

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Source: Faris Aiman

Currently, he is working as an Assistant Architect at CHY Architects Sdn Bhd situated in Bangsar. His main task is to assist the Architect with tasks and responsibilities that are needed to be fulfilled according to the deadline and the fitting with project’s criteria; meaning to say he will help in providing a workforce for every project either designing, coordinating team with the project, making the initial draft and even equipped the final drawings with the project visions and technical details.




Faris shared his opinion on the importance of architecture amidst the pandemic crisis and according to him, architecture needs to be perceive thoughtfully and not only be seen as a mechanism for creating a place called home. Therefore, he urges students and lecturers to be extra cautious and increasingly aware and always see beyond the ordinary to be able to use the architectural design as a tool of guarding the nation.



Source: Faris Aiman

“Architecture is a crucial role in the country’s development and has contributed a lot to the country’s revenue, civilisation, and accomplishment. I see a big sign of potential that architecture could do is to study the nature of the pandemic outbreak to help the nation build up quickly and recover from the losses of life and properties.”




Architecture is most probably seen as a killer course, well worry not because Faris has now shared his tips on how to succeed in the field.


  • Always come to class with a passionate heart and always refresh your mind just like the first day you walk into the classroom.
  • Always find friends or lecturers to talk to whenever you feel down and depressed.
  • Always ask lecturers for their respective opinions if you do not understand or if you do not have any idea on how to start your project.
  • Never be selfish towards others and feel free to share your thoughts and join brainstorming sessions with others to generate a better solution to the design matters.
  • Do not procrastinate.


Have chosen Architecture way before he even steps foot in City University, his love for designing and keen on portraying ideas and propagate a way of thinking into a subject attracted him to CITYU that offered him an expressway of getting a degree through Foundation-Bachelor without compromising for anything less out of the education qualities and benefits.

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Source: Faris Aiman

Therefore, in a nutshell, he recommended both SPM leavers and working adults to further study in CITYU for the variety of programs and the quality of the education offered. Plus point from him is that all the academicians in CITYU are also friendly making students feel comfortable approaching and talk things through whenever they have any issues because the best way is to communicate your way out of a crisis.

Source: Faris Aiman

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