18 Nov 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


Usually those from the medium income upwards will not be reluctant to invest in latest gadgets because it helps facilitate their daily routine; also might likely just want to keep up with the trends. The question is are you willing to pay thousands of ringgit to get the latest gadgets or are you more willing to invest in education that promise you or your children a future success?

Picture Credit: The Verge

Despite the world is still battling with COVID-19, whenever a new gadget is release it never fails to get trending in the social media; this proves that people are still able to invest at an unreasonable higher price even during the current economic downturn. Before you jump to conclusion, let us think through about this.

Why is Education important?

Alternatively pursuing your study definitely will help you build the person you are and develop necessary skills needed for your future. No matter the price, education will always be a good investment and proved to give profit in the future; why?

  1. Guarantees that you are more qualified to hold a position
  2. Radiates confidence in you
  3. Higher positions also increase earnings thus leading to a better lifestyle
  4. Improves your network no matter in social life or business life
  5. Better future because a credential stays for the rest of your life