Strategic Partnerships: FOAHS & FOCI Forge MoU with Industrial Leaders

In a significant stride towards bridging the gap between academia and industry, City University Malaysia held a momentous Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony. This event, brimming with promise and potential, marked the university’s commitment to enriching education through real-world partnerships. With a keen focus on the advancement of knowledge and practical skills, the MoUs were signed with four distinguished companies, creating a collaborative synergy between the Faculty of Allied & Health Sciences (FOAHS) and the Faculty of Creative Industries (FOCI).

The ceremony served as a powerful testament to the university’s dedication to preparing students for the complexities of the professional world. Spearheaded by Dr. Rosnizah Shaari, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Corporate Service & Sustainability, and the Registrar of City University, the ceremony was graced by the presence of esteemed witnesses who further emphasised the significance of the occasion. These included Datuk Dr. Roziah binti Omar, the Vice Chancellor of City University, Assoc Prof. Dr. Rames Prasath, the Dean of Faculty of Allied & Health Sciences (FOAHS), and Dr. Khairun Nisa binti Mustaffa Halabi, the Dean of Faculty of Creative Industries (FOCI), all of whom are pivotal figures in shaping the institution’s academic and operational landscape. The collaborations unveiled through these MoUs demonstrate the diverse nature of the university’s engagement with the corporate sector.

Represented by Ms. Yogeswary Nadarajah, the Director of Nursing of RSDH stands as a leader in the healthcare industry. The partnership with FOAHS signifies an amalgamation of academic prowess and hands-on healthcare expertise. The MoU envisions collaborative endeavours such as joint research initiatives, clinical training programs, and internships. These initiatives aim to equip FOAHS students with the practical skills and insights crucial for excelling in the healthcare sector.

IHH Healthcare Berhad, a renowned entity in the healthcare domain, was represented by Ms. Sujatha A/P Krishnan, the Recruitment and Manpower Planning Manager. This collaboration accentuates the university’s commitment to holistic education. FOAHS students will benefit from engagement programs, professional development workshops, and valuable internship opportunities. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, this MoU ensures that graduates are well-prepared to meet the evolving demands of the healthcare field.

Mr. Muhammad Arif bin Hamzah, the Vice President of MSOSH, brought industry-specific expertise to the table. The partnership aims to harness the collective wisdom of MSOSH and FOAHS to address contemporary challenges in occupational safety and health. Through seminars, research initiatives, and specialised programs, the collaboration seeks to contribute to a safer and healthier work environment.

YKK (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., represented by Mr. Daisuke Kaihih, the Managing Director, is a global leader in fastening solutions. The collaboration with FOCI underlines the university’s emphasis on nurturing creativity and innovation. Through workshops, design competitions, and innovation projects, students will gain practical exposure to the creative industry’s demands, fostering a generation of skilled and forward-thinking professionals.

The MoU signing ceremony at MPH City University Malaysia exemplifies the institution’s commitment to holistic education and industry-academic collaboration. These alliances symbolise a harmonious blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, moulding graduates who are not only equipped with knowledge but also primed for success in their chosen fields. As the university propels towards a future shaped by innovation and collaboration, these partnerships stand as pillars of progress, reflecting the commitment to preparing students for the challenges of a dynamic world.

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