15 Jun 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


Despite the education changes amidst Covid-19 pandemic, CITY-U have taken this opportunity by introducing CITYU Learning Management System (LMS) that was developed by CITY-U for the benefits of not only academicians but also students. This is to ensure that student learning is not interrupted so that they can continue to focus and excel in their studies despite the turmoil that the world is now facing and no one is truly immune to in any perceivable way.

Source: cityulms.com

Before the development of LMS CITY-U already has an online learning platform used for Open Distance Learning (ODL) program in Moodle which is only used for long-distance learning for BBA, MBA & DECE program which is still active and in session but despite the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, CITY-U tried to cater to every academician and students demand of online learning hence resulting in LMS which is now being used by all academicians and students of CITY-U.

Source: Medium

Why LMS?

Maybe many are not aware but most online learning platforms that are used widely by education institutions are readily existed platforms like Google Classroom or even have to purchase a ready-made platform like Blackboard to deliver content, hence CITYU LMS is a good initiative to maintain the smoothness of learning.

Source: Google

Despite still being in the trial phase, CITYU LMS succeeded in being a platform that helps both students and lecturers to continue the study session by providing facilities such as auto attendance and class session recording. Other than that, all the assignments, quizzes, lesson plan and objectives are specified with much detail so students and also lecturers are always on track of their classes. There are also new interesting feature that has never been introduced before is being used in CITYU LMS like the bank quiz where the questions are chosen randomly for students in order to test their knowledge.

Source: Miss Puteri of FOELS

LMS saves money more and it gives more people opportunity to study and gain knowledge at a cheaper and more affordable price. Before this education is considered an expensive necessity where parents will pay quite amount of money for their child’s education; but with LMS this education expenses can be reduced and can then be used for other purposes.


Source: Rafiqah of SRC

Besides that, it gives student the opportunity to study wherever they want as long as they have an internet connection; no matter if you’re cooking in the kitchen, gardening at your backyard or even working out in your room you can always go online and catch up to class.


Source: Rafiqah of SRC

LMS may be a tool to cut-costs of physical class on campus. With LMS, management no longer need to pay for other utilities like electrical and Wi-Fi because everyone will be home. Plus, students and lecturers can also save more on their daily expenses which may be doubled or tripled before the implementation of MCO amidst the spread of the pandemic.