07 Jul 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


Chong Jia Min or Yuki is in her 4th semester of Diploma in Nursing. She was inspired to become a nurse when seeing her grandmother who had osteoporosis and an eye problem. Growing up, she accompanied her grandmother to Selayang Hospital and Ampang Hospital for routine check-up.

It was on that moment that she began to realise the important role of doctors and nurses running here and there constantly trying to save lives. It also sparked her interest to become one herself even though the occupation is very hard and challenging and she needs to have a vast patience and knowledge, she takes it as a challenge to seize the admirable job; and look at where she is now? A student nurse for CITYU at Sungai Buloh Hospital, serving the needy.

Source: Chong Jia Min

With the current state of need for students to study online, of course Yuki will have to do the same. Currently all her lab classes has been put to hold until further notice and that leaves her to resort to online learning and online research guided by her lecturers. What’s interesting about her batch is that she has actually started her internship earlier this year but due to the sudden MCO announcement, her internship has also been placed on hold.


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We are often well aware of a doctor’s internship or in medical terms housemanship, but we rarely know how student nurse go for their internship. According to Yuki, a student’s nurse task is to observe patient’s condition and consequently identify what they need and what they should do. Give-out health education, administer patients’ medication so they follow the doctors’ order, assist doctor to do some procedure and prepare equipments.

Source: Chong Jia Min

They are also required to do charting of everything like the water intake and output chart. Take vital sign every four hours such as blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, respiratory rate as well as pain score. Sometime bring patient to another department for screening or scan. If necessary, they also need to do bed making to make sure the patients are comfortable and well taken care of. All the task however will be carry out by shift or if necessary when the bed is stained with blood or excrement.

Source: Chong Jia Min

 “I want to give credits to all my lecturer. I feel very comfortable with them for being friendly and dedicated in teaching. This warm and caring relationship made me feel connected with my department like family.”

Source: Chong Jia Min

To her CITYU is not just an education institution. It’s a place for student to come and learn from the best. Thus, she recommends others to further their study in CITYU.

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