Clubs & Societies

Student Activities @ City U

Build your resume, make new friends, develop skills, be active, push limits and get involved. This is a great way to empower and enrich yourself while meeting fellow friends who share the same passion. Once you’re on campus, you’ll get to check out City U’s diverse and trendy clubs and societies for our students community.

With more than 20 clubs and societies covering a wide variety of interests available and registered in City University Malaysia – there is something for everybody.

  • City U Football Club
  • City U Chargers Rugby Club
  • City U Netball Club
  • City U Badminton Club
  • City U Taekwando Club
  • City U Futsal Club
  • City U Bowling Club
  • Animation, Comics & Games Club (ACGC)
  • Music Club
  • Borneo City U Club
  • City U Cultural Club (CUCC)
  • Damai Court Club
  • E-Sport Club
  • Media Club
  • Charity Club
  • Biomedic Club (Faculty of Allied Health Sciences)
  • AMFOABEAN Club (Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment)
  • Social Studies Club (Faculty of Education & Liberal Studies)
  • Business Club (Faculty of Business)
  • Design Club (Faculty of Art & Design)
  • IT Club (Faculty of Information Technology)
  • BHM Vatel Club (Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism)

Students’ Representative Council (SRC)

As a student at City University, you will automatically become eligible to vote for the Students’ Representative Council (SRC). The SRC is a democratic, student led and independent organisation here that represents, supports and enhances the lives of City U students. Get involved in numerous campaigns run each year, contribute to media channels, or find out how the SRC is representing your interests.

The clubs and societies in City U provide excellent platforms for students to explore their creativity and potential, be it in the form of arts or sports.