Vice Chancellor's Message

Prof. Ir. Dr. Noridah Ibrahim


Our professional recognition and accreditation speak for itself. With 34 years of educational excellence, City University Malaysia has gained many achievements and notable success, both in the academic circle and industry-wide. Our dedication and determination to be the best in the private higher education industry have been our No.1 motivation and commitment to move forward in line with the government's intention to make the country as a hub for higher learning in the region. And we have succeeded with great success.

In addition, City University Malaysia has forged international collaborations and partnerships with renowned universities and companies worldwide. Under the City Education Group, we do offer education scholarships for eligible students (based on terms and conditions) to study at our University. The main criteria for the selection of students are based on their excellent achievement in academic, leadership and sports.

At the same time, we do realise the importance of forging industrial relationships and partnerships. The University has established a strategic collaboration with various industry players including the field of hospitality and tourism, media, entrepreneurship, business, building and etc. We are industry-driven in our academic and learning approach.

To date, City University Malaysia has succeeded in producing more than 35,000 local and international graduates. Over 25% of them are international students. I hope that with this achievement, we can translate our commitment to support the government’s policy in achieving the figure of 250,000 international students enrolment by 2025.

With over three decades of experience in higher education, we at City University Malaysia, believe that we are capable of producing quality graduates which meet the industry requirements. Your career pathway begins right here. So choose City University Malaysia.

“Soaring Upwards.”

Professor Ir. Dr. Noridah Ibrahim