Special Announcement

We at City University Malaysia would like to informed that our institutions does not have any office or branch in China. Our main campus is located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, as is our International Marketing team. At the moment, we only have appointed agents throughout China that work to support our students recruitment.

For further information please contact our International Marketing Office at imo@city.edu.my

About City University: City University Malaysia was founded by a group of scholars with extensive experience in worldwide universities in April 1984. Armed with a track record of 37 years of education excellence, the institutions  was awarded ‘University’ status by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia in 2016 and is recognised today as City University Malaysia.




马来西亚城市大学由一群在本地和国际大学具有丰富经验的学者成立于1984年4月。本校在高等教育方面已经拥有 37 年卓越的教学经验。本校在2016年正式获得马来西亚高等教育部授予“大学”地位,也就是今天被公认为的马来西亚城市大学。