APEL.A – Access

About APEL.A

APEL.A – “A” stands for Access – provides access or opportunities to individuals who already have work experience but are not sufficiently qualified to have the minimum academic qualification set to pursue higher education at tertiary institutions.

All Malaysian citizens

  • Provide recognition for learning acquired from non-formal and informal sources
  • Reduce the duplication of learning
  • Encourage the participation of adults in higher education by recognising their prior experiential learning
  • Reduce time and cost for completing a study programme
  • Increase access and widen participation for non-conventional learners
  • Increase mobility and employability
  1. FORMAL: Learning of study delivered within an organised and structured context (preschool, primary school, secondary school, college, and university) that may lead to formal recognition or a recognized qualification.
  2. INFORMAL: Learning that takes place continuously through life and work experiences. It is often unintentional learning.
  3. NON-FORMAL: Learning that takes place alongside the mainstream systems of education and training. It may be assessed but does not normally lead to formal certification.
  1. APEL.A Fact Sheet (download)
  2. APEL.A Certification Process (download)
  3. APEL.A Online Application via MQA Portal (download)
  4. APEL.A Learners_Handbook (download)
  5. APEL.A Enquiry Form (download)
  6. APEL.A Counselling Form (download)
  7. APEL.A Application Form (download)
  8. APEL.A Registration Form (download)
  9. APEL.A Portfolio (download)
  10. APEL.A Appeal Form (download)

Application Process

(1) Online Application via MQA Portal by visiting the MQA website HERE

(2) Complete the application form

(3) Select “City University, Malaysia” under Institution

(4) Submit form and process complete

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