APEL.C – Credit Award

About APEL.C

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Credit Award (APEL.C) is a learning evaluation process (informal and non-formal) of an individual based on cumulative experiences (knowledge and skills) to obtain credit transfer for course(s) in the programme enrolled.

APEL.C is available to ALL undergraduate & postgraduate learners with prior learning experience who are currently undertaking programmes in any Higher Education Institute (HEI) offering such opportunities.

  • Recognise learning acquired through work experience and short courses attended;
  • Reduce redundant learning for students;
  • Encourage admission of adult learners to higher education programmes; and
  • Reduce cost and time to complete study.
  1. FORMAL: SPM/STPM/Diploma/Bachelor
  2. INFORMAL: Seminar/Training
  3. NON-FORMAL: Interest/Hobbies
  1. APEL.C Fact Sheet (download)
  2. APEL.C Application Process (download)
  3. APEL.C Counselling Form (download)
  4. APEL.C Self-Assessment Form for Learners (download)
  5. APEL.C Application Form for Learners (download)
  6. APEL.C Learners Handbook – updated (download)
  7. APEL.C Policy Handbook – updated (download)

Application Process

(1) Get consultation with City APEL Centre (CAC) on subject selection

(2) Complete the application form

(3) Submit form and process complete

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