Executive Programme

PiQ: the Personal Initiative Intelligence

City Continuing Education Office

Program Description

2-day program with exercises, role plays, games & activities, case studies for entry, mid-level and senior-level in organizations.

The Personal Intelligence or PiQ Framework program:

  • Self-Starting – Taking charge
  • Proactive – Problems are anticipated and taken advantage of
  • Persistence – Beyond self. Persist despite others’ resistance & inertia

We couple the PiQ approach to the of Intellectual (IQ), Emotional (EQ), Spiritual (SQ) and Action-Oriented (Action-Experiential Learning, AxL) Outlook for Personal & Professional Development

Course Highlights

  • Target audience: Entry, mid-level, senior-level
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Mode: In-person/ online/ hybrid


  • What’s your Stereotypes?
  • The Law of Generalization & Profiling
  • Your WHY, values, purpose
  • Personal Initiative Intelligence (PiQ) = Distinguishing Factor
  • Standing Out from the Rest
  • People & Leadership Skills in your Self-Starting Journey
  • Champion Mindset: Why Couldn’t I be it? I am it!


  • Designed to support the participants to search for their “jati diri” (identity, self-esteem and purpose)
  • To enhance participants’ drive, motivation, competencies, people skills and intra/entre-preneurial aptitude – all important factors for success
  • Draws from the globally known and well-measured Personal Initiative Framework or as we brand it in City University the Pi Intelligence or PiQ
  • Sharpening our skills in getting things done, getting them done right, and being recognized for it!

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