Executive Programme

Sustainability, Business & Resource Management

City Continuing Education Office

Program Description

We deliver our action-experiential learning (AxL) of Sustainability through an interactive and collaborative fun board game with a focus on the Dynamics of Cooperation, Competition, Negotiation & Resource Management, as well as on the consumptive nature in business and organization; the ultimate question is: How do we make better decisions?

Integrating sustainability into your career goals, organizational mission and stakeholders’ interests. Following that, we break down what are Sustainability, ESG metrices and the UN-SDGs. Following that we look at Synergies of Resource Management, Business Performance & Social Responsibility.

We also add a notch to it by adding the service, quality and entrepreneurial angle to resource management.

Course Highlights

  • Target audience: Entry, mid-level, senior-level

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Mode: In-person/ online/ hybrid


  • Business & Sustainability: SIMULATION Game
  • ROI & SROI as Our Bottom Line: Entrepreneurial Aptitude
  • Service, Quality & Sustainability: Aligning Customer /Business Centricity to your “WHY”
  • Crafting Sustainability Story


  • To experience business decision making processes and resource allocation through an interactive board game
  • To articulate what are the collective and more global effects of our own individual and local actions
  • To craft our own personal and professional sustainability journey
  • To articulate coherently what is meant by sustainability to you personally and professionally, and how do the ESG metrices and the UNSDGs affect you
  • To locate parallels and align the business/organizational mission to your personal values, and vice versa

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