Faculty of Education & Liberal Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Sport Studies

(N/1014/8/0001) (MQA/PA 15469) 04/2029

Programme Description

This PhD programme is an excellent opportunity for students to pursue their research career in the sport studies domain, while increasing knowledge, learning new skills and developing abilities as a researcher. With a wide range of topics to be explored, our PhD program provides research-specific training, academic writing, lectures, seminars, career management and presentation skills. At the end of studies, students are required to submit a written thesis and attend a viva-voce examination. Upon successful defence of the paper, the candidate will be granted a PhD status.

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Programme Highlights

  • Mode: Full & Part Time
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Credit Hours: 80
  • Scholarships Available
  • Intake: Jan, May, Sept
  • Course in Petaling Jaya

Subjects offered*

  • Research Methodology
  • Dissertation


*(not limited to)


i) A Master’s degree (Level 7 MQF) or equivalent as approved by the HEP Senate: OR ii) Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree (Level 7, MQF) that are accepted by the Malaysian Government. iii) A Master’s degree (Level 7 MQF) or equivalent in a non-related field as approved by HEP Senate and does not have related working experience, can be accepted, subject to passing pre-requisite courses. Note for PhD by Research:  There shall be no direct entry from Bachelor’s Degree level to PhD level. Candidates registered for Master’s Degree by research programmes with a Bachelor’s Degree level may apply to convert their candidacy to the PhD programmes subject to the following conditions: a. application for exchange is within 1 year after registering for the master’s program for full- time candidates and 2 years for part-time candidates b. having shown competency and capability in conducting research at PhD level through rigorous assessment by the HEP, and c. approval by the HEP Senate. OR HEP may enroll Bachelor’s graduates (MQF Level 6) for direct admission to MQF Level 8 Doctoral programs (by research) with the following conditions: a. Students obtain a first-class Bachelor’s qualification or equivalent; OR b. Obtain a CGPA of at least 3.67 or its equivalent from an academic or TVET program; AND c. Thorough rigorous internal assessment by the HEP; AND d. Obtained approval from the HEP senate and was accepted as a candidate for the MQF Level 8 Doctoral program. Students need to show appropriate progress during the candidature period.

For International Students

The HEP Senate/Academic Board needs to set appropriate competency requirements. Senate minimum requirements: A minimum score of 5.0 in IELTS OR / Malaysian University English Test (MUET) with Band 3.5 OR its equivalent.


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