In an age where big data and analytics shape the very fabric of our society, the need for improved data literacy has never been more critical. City University Malaysia, a pioneer in higher education with a legacy spanning almost four decades, recognizes this imperative. As one of Malaysia’s earliest private education institutions, City University Malaysia is at the forefront of addressing this growing demand, integrating vital skills into its diverse programs that cater to over 70 disciplines.


Understanding the Big Data Landscape


The digital transformation of higher education, championed by institutions like City University Malaysia, is not merely about adopting new technologies. It’s about cultivating an environment where data literacy is as fundamental as the disciplines themselves. Our commitment to this cause is reflected in our dynamic courses ranging from Foundation in Information Technology to Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) and Master of Information Technology.


Data Literacy: A Cornerstone for Future Success


At City University Malaysia, we believe that data literacy is not just a skill but a gateway to innovation and informed decision-making. It’s a trait that empowers our graduates to thrive in various sectors. Data literacy is the linchpin that aligns higher education with evolving workforce needs and skills-based learning, a perspective deeply embedded in our curriculum.


Embracing Change


The continuation and normalization of hybrid and online learning at City University Malaysia is a testament to our adaptability. This approach not only meets the demands of modern education but also prepares our students for a world where remote work arrangements are becoming the norm.


As City University Malaysia continues to evolve, our focus remains steadfast on enhancing data literacy to keep pace with the growth in big data and analytics. We are not just educating students; we are preparing future leaders who will navigate the complexities of the digital age with confidence and skill. Join us at City University Malaysia, where your journey towards becoming a data-savvy professional begins.

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