City University Malaysia recently hosted an amazing Spanish Fiesta, a compelling event that took attendees on a culinary journey through the heart of Spain. The esteemed Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism (FOHAT) organised this fiesta with painstaking attention to detail, in partnership with the innovative teams from International Marketing IMO and the Student Affairs and Alumni Department (STAAD), promising an experience unlike any other.

Beyond the culinary delights, the Spanish Fiesta celebrated culture, community, and teamwork. As guests mingled in the lively atmosphere, they were treated to live music, dancing performances, and interactive cultural displays that brought the essence of Spain to life. Every aspect of the fiesta was meticulously planned to immerse attendees in the rich tapestry of Spanish culture including the rhythmic beats of flamenco.


The collaborative effort behind the Spanish Fiesta demonstrated the university’s dedication to delivering comprehensive experiences that extend beyond the classroom. The event promoted togetherness and friendship among the university community by bringing together faculty, students, and staff from all backgrounds. It also gave students significant hands-on experience in event planning, marketing, and culinary arts, which enriched their academic experience and prepared them for future success in the hospitality industry.


As the night drew to a close, guests left the Spanish Fiesta with fond memories and full tummies. The event reminded us of the transformational potential of cultural interaction, as well as the joy that comes from recognising difference. City University Malaysia looks forward to presenting more outstanding events that will continue to inspire, educate, and unify its community in the coming years.

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