City University Malaysia takes pride in acknowledging the outstanding achievements of its students through various awards that highlight both academic excellence and civic engagement. Among these prestigious accolades are the City University Malaysia Students Excellence Award, the Dean’s List Award, the High Achiever Award, and special recognition for students who consistently volunteer for university activities.

The City University Malaysia Students Excellence Award stands as a testament to the dedication and hard work exhibited by students across all faculties. This award celebrates academic brilliance, innovative thinking, and contributions to the university community. It serves as a motivation for students to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits while fostering a culture of achievement within the institution.

In addition to the Students Excellence Award, the university also bestows the Dean’s List Award and the High Achiever Award upon students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance. These awards recognize the commitment to academic excellence, as evidenced by outstanding grades and a strong academic record. They serve as a source of encouragement for students to maintain high standards of academic achievement throughout their academic journey.

However, City University Malaysia’s recognition doesn’t stop at academic accomplishments alone. The university also values and celebrates students who actively engage in community service and volunteerism. Students who selflessly dedicate their time and energy to participate in university activities, contribute to the betterment of campus life, and engage in initiatives that benefit the wider community are honoured with special awards. This acknowledgment not only highlights the importance of civic engagement but also encourages students to become socially responsible citizens who make meaningful contributions to society.

The diverse range of awards offered by City University Malaysia reflects its commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel both academically and socially. By recognizing and celebrating the achievements of its students, the university not only motivates current students to strive for excellence but also sets a standard of achievement for future generations. These awards serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement, fostering a culture of success and engagement within the university community.

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