On the morning of February 26, 2024, Universitas Widyatama from Bandung, Indonesia, sent a delegation of 28 students pursuing Master of Accounting & Business and Professional Accounting Education programs, accompanied by four esteemed lecturers. This visit aimed to delve into the academic offerings, tour campus facilities, and assess the compatibility between the two institutions.

Led by Dr. R Wedi Rusmawan Kusumah, the Deputy Director of Universitas Widyatama, along with Pak Ocky Gustiantara, the International Relations Officer, and Pak Riski Risbandi, the Corporate Officer, the delegation embarked on a two-hour exploration at our institution.

The agenda commenced promptly at 10 am, reflecting the professionalism and punctuality of our Indonesian partners. The delegation’s primary objective was to gain insights into our academic programs, with a particular focus on accounting and other business-related disciplines. Through interactive discussions and presentations, they sought to understand the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and opportunities for academic advancement.

Following this, the delegation embarked on a comprehensive tour of our campus facilities. From state-of-the-art lecture halls to well-equipped laboratories, they experienced firsthand the infrastructure that supports our academic endeavours. The tour not only showcased our commitment to providing a conducive learning environment but also highlighted our investment in student welfare and development.

As the visit progressed, it became evident that the Universitas Widyatama delegation was keen on ensuring a fit and compatibility between their institution and ours. They engaged in thoughtful conversations, raising queries about research collaborations, exchange programs, and avenues for faculty development. This demonstrated their commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships in academia.

In conclusion, the visit from Universitas Widyatama students and faculty was not merely a routine excursion but a strategic endeavour to gather firsthand information and assess alignment with their academic goals. It provided them with valuable insights to make informed decisions regarding their graduate studies. As we bid farewell to our Indonesian counterparts, we look forward to the potential collaborations and academic exchanges that may ensue from this fruitful interaction.