“When I first heard about the zakat aid in our hostel, it was like finding a ray of hope in my academic journey,” shares Nur Fatiha Raihana, a recipient of City University Malaysia’s Bantuan Zakat Pelajar Asnaf programme. Her experience is a vivid illustration of how the University’s zakat initiative through Tabung Zakat City University Malaysia (TAZCU) is more than just financial support – it’s a lifeline for students striving to achieve their dreams.

According to Mr Mohd Irwan Ismail, Senior Executive of Zakat Department, this semester, the University has committed RM 54,500 to this impactful zakat programme. In a thoughtful allocation of these funds, RM 29,000 is set aside as pocket money for 58 selected students, while RM 25,500 is being used to provide monthly financial assistance to 17 students in need. This comprehensive approach ensures that students like Nur Fatiha are equipped to pursue their educational ambitions without the weight of financial stress.

Nur Fatiha’s story is one of many at City University Malaysia, where the zakat programme has become a cornerstone of student welfare. Through this initiative, the University not only addresses immediate financial needs but also fosters a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically and personally. The programme’s multifaceted support system, which includes pocket money, hostel assistance, and broader financial aid, is a testament to the University’s commitment to its students’ overall well-being.

Each beneficiary of this zakat initiative, has their own unique story of how this aid has transformed their educational journey. For Nur Fatiha and many others, the zakat programme has been a beacon of hope, enabling them to focus on their studies and aspire for a brighter future.

City University Malaysia’s Bantuan Zakat Pelajar Asnaf programme is a symbol of the University’s dedication to nurturing a supportive and inclusive community, where every student is given the opportunity to succeed, bolstered by the strength of collective support and compassion.

You can contribute to this remarkable journey of hope and transformation. By paying your zakat through City University Malaysia, you become a part of this extraordinary initiative that changes lives and shapes futures. Please visit https://www.billplz.com/Zakat_CityU to make your contribution. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many students, just like Nur Fatiha Raihana.