In a recent meeting, City University and the British Council embarked on a journey to explore avenues for deepening ties with UK universities and accessing research grants. The purpose was clear: to enhance City University’s global footprint and create avenues for collaborative academic ventures.

One significant development on the horizon is the visit of the University of Arts London (UAL) to Kuala Lumpur in February 2024. The British Council, playing a pivotal role, shared this exciting news with City University and pledged to keep the university abreast of the details. This visit holds the promise of fostering collaborations between City University and UAL, providing a platform for cultural exchange and innovative partnerships.

Funding emerged as a key focus during the discussions, with City University expressing interest in joining the UK-Malaysia Higher Education Consortium (UKMHEC). While traditionally limited to public universities, the British Council is championing the inclusion of private institutions, including City University, in the consortium starting in 2024. This move could be a game-changer, allowing City University to engage in collaborative ventures with both public and private universities.

The International Science Partnership Fund (ISPF) was introduced as a valuable resource to support collaborative projects between UK researchers and international partners. With its emphasis on global themes such as planet, health, technology, and talent, the ISPF opens doors for City University to engage in strategic research initiatives on an international scale.

The British Council suggested that City University consider hosting UK students on short mobility programs through the Touring Funding initiative. This not only promotes cross-cultural exchange but also positions City University as a host institution, providing exposure to the Malaysian culture and education system.

The British Council underscored its role as a broker, emphasising its ability to provide academic and research opportunities for City University while broadcasting the university’s strengths to potential collaborators and partners in the UK. City University expressed its appreciation for this collaborative effort and signalled its eagerness to work closely with the British Council to enhance its international profile and reputation.

Looking to the future, the British Council recommended that City University focus on developing postdoctoral and Center of Excellence programs aligned with the strategic priorities of both the UK and Malaysia. This targeted approach could enhance City University’s chances of securing funding and recognition from both countries.

City University received an invitation to become part of the Global Network, a platform connecting higher education institutions globally. The British Council encouraged City University to join and participate in various events and forums, such as the Global Conference on the Development of Higher Education, offering opportunities for learning, sharing, and networking.

Expressing interest in joining the UK-Malaysia Higher Education Roundtable, City University signalled its commitment to academic discussions and collaboration with the UK. This avenue awaits City University once it becomes a partner of the UK-Malaysia University Consortium, showcasing the university’s dedication to fostering research collaboration and innovation on an international scale.

In conclusion, the meeting between City University and the British Council has unveiled a spectrum of opportunities for City University to strengthen its global presence, connect with esteemed institutions, and contribute to impactful research initiatives. As City University navigates these collaborative pathways, the partnership with the British Council promises to be a pivotal catalyst for academic growth and international recognition.

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